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Sacoche double URBAN PROOF Leafs

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Marque : Urban Proof

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Sacoche double pour vélo de ville URBAN PROOF Leafs [Plus d'infos]


"Sacoche double URBAN PROOF Leafs" en détails...

Sacoche double URBAN PROOF 40L Leafs
En polyester hydrofuge
Fermeture à boucles ajustables
Zones réfléchissantes sur les côtés pour plus de sécurité à vélo.
Le dessus possède deux hanses permettant de garder l'accès au porte-bagages et aux tendeurs élastiques.
Très facile à installer.
Cap : 40 litres
Dim : 37x36x15 (x2)
Motifs : "Leafs" (feuilles).

Couleurs uniques et originales, à assortir aux poignées, aux couvre-selle, au shopping bag, aux caisses, aux sonnettes, aux antivols, aux selles ou encore aux éclairages URBAN PROOF ! Vous pouvez même finaliser votre total look ou code couleur avec un coussin pour porte-bagage ou encore un porte-clés assortis !

Designed & tested in Amsterdam.
"Urban proof is based in Amsterdam. Here, everyone owns a bike. And although the weather isn't always that great, our bicycle is usually our best friend. Whether it's for riding through the Vondelpark, to work in the morning, together with all the other sleepy Amsterdam people, or to avoid the taxi fare by using our bikes in nightlife : our bike is always there for us. We at Urban Proof figured it was time to do something back, so we designed a complete range with all the bike accessories you could possibly imagine. From fun to essential items, but always created with love, by real bicycle experts."

Price, Quality, Design.
"What make us different ? We believe that high quality and good looking products should be available for a good price. That's what we strive for, and what we always keep in mind, in every stage of the development process. Our items are for everyone. Welcome to our new collection !"
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